* I don’t mean it has to be exactly the same of course but not significantly more complex
** You can have many email addresses. Hosting will be “shared” hosting with https://www.vidahost.com and their terms will apply
*** You need to tell me what you want in all the page headers and supply any images etc.
**** You also get Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages if you want them.
***** The site will most likely be WordPress based. WordPress is updated fairly frequently. I will make sure your site is kept up to date. Also the Theme will be updated occasionally as well. I may not install all updates. It depends if I consider it worthwhile. For Site Content updates just email me the changes. Only content changes are included not Design changes. New pages I consider to be a Design change but I will be flexible if it is something easy.
****** The hosting company looks after the server software but I will keep WordPress up to date with security patches. Mainly for security reasons I will be the only WordPress admin user. If you wish to update site content yourself I can set you up a more limited user that is just able to edit Pages and Posts.

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